Rubber Stripper Rings for Wean machinery

Nordic custom manufactures Rubber Stripper Rings that work with Wean machinery and are crafted to your specific requirements.

  • Nordic Stripper Rings are manufactured from a time tested and field proven proprietary nitrile formula. There is no one else who has this recipe. Our material is engineered to resist damage from oil, to retain its size and shape and resists stretching, and can be maintained by grinding.
  • We can also offer rubber stripper rings with fiber reinforcement to help maintain fit for demanding applications.
  • We provide different types of fit for the ID of the rings to the spacers.  Beside the most common request of snug fit, we can also make them tight, slip or loose.  See Ordering Requirements for more information.
  • We can provide vibrant colors which are easily identifiable when dirty and in low light.
  • We have 30 years of experience of solutions to your technical problems and advice  for proper use and care of rubber stripper rings.

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