Roll Tooling / Forming Shims

  • Solid color means it won't wear off leaving shim colorless

  • Non laminated means no inaccuracy due to a worn off lamination

  • Tight tolerances

  • 5-7 Day lead time is standard but can be expedited

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Color coded roll tooling / roll forming shims custom manufactured to tight thickness tolerances are our specialty. We can provide accurately dimensioned shims for slitter knife arbors, overarm spacers, scrap choppers, and shear blades.

  • We’ve been in business since 1975 so our extensive past sales records help us to make sure you get the correct size for your machine
  • Nordic shims are colored throughout the thickness, not merely coated on the surface, so the color will never come off
  • Nordic shims are not laminated, so they don’t peel or delaminate
  • Nordic shims are cut cleanly and won’t have any edge burr which affects the thickness
  • We have the tightest thickness tolerance in the industry
  • Most commonly sold packaged in packs of 100 per thickness, other quantities available
  • Delivery in a few days


We offer several types of Arbor Shims

          • Slitter Arbor Shims
          • Over arms
          • Scrap Chopper
          • Shear Blade shims

Bulk shim stock is also available.


Ordering Information

Information Required for Quotes and Orders

1. Outside Diameter (Of your steel spacer)

2. Inside Diameter (Of your steel spacers)

3. Keyway Dimensions

For square keys, key width and depth
For round keys, key radius or key diameter

4. Quantities of each thickness

(Overarm shims only require OD and ID.)

Please provide the dimensions from your metal spacers or the dimensions from your slitter arbor. We will automagically add the appropriate clearances to fit over the arbor and the key, and make sure the OD doesn't extend above the spacer OD. With thousands of dies in our inventory, chances are good that we have a die suitable for your application.


We make all shims with clearances to fit over the arbor and key and not extend above the spacers on the OD.

Common Questions

What quantities are available?

Shims are traditionally sold in packs of 100. Smaller quantities are available at higher unit cost.

Someone handed me a plastic shim to order. How can I determine the size?

You should order based on the size of the metal spacers, because the shim on your desk already has clearances on
all dimensions. So measuring the shim is helpful, but you need to remember that the actual shim dimensions
are different than the stated dimensions.

Can I cut shims from OD to ID? Why did my operators cut the shims from OD to ID?

Best practice would be to use the shims intact. Shims can be cut from OD to ID in order to allow them to be
inserted in the desired place over the arbor without pulling the arbor set up apart. However, it makes them
more likely to squeeze out of place. It’s a choice of convenience over best practice.

Can you cut the shim for us?

It’s probably best if we provide them uncut for best performance, and then you can decide if you need to cut
them for convenience in a set up.

Help! I just cut the shims and now they squirt out like a watermelon seed.

Yes, that can be a problem. See above.

Can you make metric sizes?

Yes, we can make the overall dimensions (OD, ID, KW) in metric units, but we can’t provide true metric thickness shims.

Can you do metric thickness?

No, we offer the shim thickness only in English (or imperial) thicknesses. You can determine for yourself if
the offered imperial sizes are close enough for the metric thicknesses.

What are the colors for .040”, .050”, and .060”?

They are clear. They are not colored because presumably most people can feel the difference between
a .040” and a .050” and a .060” shim.

I need a .006” thick shim, but I don’t see that thickness on your chart. Can I get a .006”?

We only have the thicknesses on the chart. It is common and accepted practice to combine thicknesses to
make what you need in your particular set up. So, you can get a .006” with two .003” Green shims, or a
.002” Red and a .004” Tan, etc. You can do the math.

What kind of color is Matte?

Matte stands for translucent matte, and it is a frosted clear material.


Make sure that you get the correct size shim

Shims which are made to the correct sizes will be more accurate in setups and will last longer. The dimensions you provide (OD, ID, and KW) should match the dimensions of your metal tooling. Don’t add clearances yourself! We will automagically
add clearances to your shims so that they fit properly. Shims that have too much ID or KW clearance are more likely to
shift or move during operation, and will cause the shim to wrinkle or distort.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We can assist you in getting the correct dimensions, or we can look up past orders.

Be careful when taking measurements from the existing shim

Presumably, the shim you are using already has clearances added. If you measure the shim, but don’t notify us that
the dimensions were measured from the shim, then we might add additional clearances and your shim will not be
the correct size. See above.

Ordering the wrong size shim

Our products are custom manufactured to your specifications. Generally, they are not able to be returned.
Let us help you to get the correct size shim at the time of your order.